Turf on a Wall? Turf on a Wall. The New Vital Farms Office.


The modern office space has it all: an open layout, fully-stocked fridge and of course, working space in every corner. But what all the offices of Austin seem to be missing is a bit of the outdoors. So when our client, Vital Farms (maker of some darn delicious, all-natural eggs), wanted to bring their outdoor-focused [...]

Turf on a Wall? Turf on a Wall. The New Vital Farms Office.2019-04-09T19:44:14-04:00

The Highest (Quality) Turf in Texas


It is possible to have your cake and eat it, too. High-rise, urban living presents a lot of walkable entertainment, stunning views of Austin, and of course, the ease of lawn maintenance. But what do you do when you miss having a lawn for lounging and entertaining on? You call IntelliTurf for balcony turf, of [...]

The Highest (Quality) Turf in Texas2019-04-09T19:44:14-04:00

Backyard Putting Green Austin Texas


Texas Finest Backyard Putting Greens We are golfers.  With a history of over 20 years of building golf greens, IntelliTurf is the one company you should compare all others.  We install the best backyard putting greens available. There are numerous surfaces that can be installed to create an [...]

Backyard Putting Green Austin Texas2019-04-09T19:44:14-04:00

Artificial Grass Austin and San Antonio Texas


IntelliTurf of Austin is your locally owned go to artificial grass company. Deal directly with the owner Alex and get professional Made in the USA premium artificial grass. Recyclable Our turf is unique due to the fabric backing that creates superior drainage compared to our competition. We install synthetic [...]

Artificial Grass Austin and San Antonio Texas2019-04-09T19:44:14-04:00

Welcome to DogTown


"Our dogs definitely live better lives than we do." Two Georgetown, TX, dog-lovers found themselves in a conundrum recently. They had a new home with a custom dog run, complete with a canine entrance to their laundry room and 24/7 dog-watching cameras, and two amazingly friendly pups. What they didn't have? A truly usable space. [...]

Welcome to DogTown2019-04-09T19:44:14-04:00

Shade-Proof, Dog-Proof & Life-Proof Lawns in 78704


Ah, yes, the age-old Austin problem. A beautiful old-growth trees overhangs the yard, providing a break from the never-ending heat, and completely eliminates any chance of natural growth. So we provided a new-age solution. This beautiful 78704 home's owners chose IntelliTurf to provide a natural look artificial grass solution to their problems. Their sideyard features [...]

Shade-Proof, Dog-Proof & Life-Proof Lawns in 787042019-04-09T19:44:15-04:00

Old East Austin Gets a New Modern Yard


East Austin is home to great restaurants (both new and old), awesome craftsman homes (both new and old) and now, a soon-to-wed couple's dream backyard perfect for BBQs and cornhole (the marriage is new; BBQs and cornhole have been around awhile). We transformed about 550 square feet of this home's sizeable lot with our extremely [...]

Old East Austin Gets a New Modern Yard2019-04-09T19:44:15-04:00

Poolside Pup Playland


Pools: Awesome. English Bulldogs: Awesome. Reducing your grass yard to about 170 square feet for your English Bulldogs to play and well, poop, in: Not awesome. Thankfully, our Value Pet Artificial Grass is designed for small, high-traffic areas that are destined to get plenty of pup action. This small, poolside petland was covered in our [...]

Poolside Pup Playland2019-04-09T19:44:15-04:00

Downtown Views with a Delightful Green Touch


One south Austin couple had a dilemma. They got their dream house not far from downtown, with entertainment options all around, but unfortunately no green space–real or artificial. What they did have, though, was an amazing rooftop lounge with downtown views. The solution: IntelliTurf synthetic grass solutions, of course (Sensing a theme here?). Because weight [...]

Downtown Views with a Delightful Green Touch2019-04-09T19:44:15-04:00

Dirt to Deluxe in Tarrytown


Everyone loves a good tree, right? They provide oxygen, are beautiful, and give a great break from the blasting Texas sun. But they are terrible for growing grass. Unable to grow real grass under their delightful aged oaks (and with three very active school age kids and a yellow lab), one lovely Tarrytown couple made [...]

Dirt to Deluxe in Tarrytown2019-04-09T19:44:15-04:00
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